Bring your mild & moderate aligner cases
in-office and save 60%-75% on your aligner overhead

OCTOBER 16th, 2023






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This course is for you if you want to bring your retainers and mild aligner cases in-house but don’t know where to start or if you are already doing in-house aligners and wish to streamline your process.


All experience levels will benefit greatly from the content in this course.





A comprehensive behind-the-scenes look with one of the masters as your guide. 

Time-intensive, but very well worth every minute. Thank you!



Dr. Eric Baugher



I was so eager to take the course and learn from one of our profession’s best teachers and contributors. Jason gave us so much incredible content in the online course that I can only say, “TAKE THE COURSE! IT’S SO WORTH IT!” 





Comprehensive scanner comparison with patient scanning – Medit and Trios. Learn pearls and insights on how to optimize and streamline digital scanning in your practice, as well as a managing the movement of STL files.



We’ll dive deep into case setup and all its intricacies. We’ll spend a substantial amount of time actually setting up different cases.


There are many aspects of printing that require special attention in order to achieve optimal results. We’ll cover everything 3D printing from A to Z.


You’ll learn dos and don’ts for in-house retainers/aligners setup and fabrication, as well as how to deliver professionally branded aligners to your patients.







Make Your Staff Happy
with a Seamless Digital Workflow

– Watch Dr. Cope setup his own aligner cases.

– Learn better and faster staff processes.

– Learn the “hidden” software nuances to improve case setup and staging.

– Get Detailed recommendations on lab design and setup.

– See a full cost analysis so that you know what your most cost-effective options are.

– Get a list of exactly everything you need to buy to get started.

– Get advanced insight into new software, hardware, and materials that Dr. Cope is          beta testing.


No new hires or lab renovation required!



This course has changed the way I practice orthodontics.


Truly outstanding!  Jason is very genuine, he has a great passion for teaching, and he enjoys sharing all his knowledge and vast experience. You will come back to your office with all the knowledge and resources you need to confidently incorporate 3D printing and begin fabricating your own in-house aligners. Highly recommended!


Totally MUST HAVE!!!


Well organized and full of useful information for clinical and laboratory staff! BONUS video about Lab setup was just right on time! I changed blueprint and now everything is logically set specially for techs! Thank You a lot, Jason!!!

Dr. Maris Grzibovskis


You’ll implement everything you learn immediately through our step-by-step processes to help you integrate the digital workflow and start making professional and streamlined in-house aligners in your practice right away.


Lessons are streamed ON-DEMAND (as your schedule permits) from our website. You will have access to a private facebook group where you will discuss issues, interact with colleagues, and troubleshoot your workflow together.


You’ll implement everything you learn immediately through our step-by-step processes to help you integrate the digital workflow and start making professional and streamlined in-house aligners in your practice right away.


Lessons are released every Monday at 6am CST and streamed ON-DEMAND (as your schedule permits) from our website for 9 weeks. You will have access to a private facebook group where you will discuss issues, interact with colleagues, and troubleshoot your workflow together.


  • Course Resources

    • Course Welcome

    • Course Kits

    • Additional Resources

  • Week 1 – Introduction, Overview & Setup 

    • Managing the Digital Workflow – An Introduction

    • Setting up your Digital Lab – Part 1

    • Setting up your Digital Lab – Part 2

    • Considerations for Setting up a Digital Ortho Lab


    Week 2 – IntraOral Scanning & Digital Workflow Management 

    • IntraOral Scanner Introduction

    • Trios Full Arch & Bite Scan Strategy

    • Medit Intraoral Scan Strategy

    • Trios Clinical Scanning & Export

    • Medit Clinical Scanning & Export

    • Trios File Importing

    • Medit File Importing

    • OrthoAnalyzer Basing & Printing

    • Ulab Basing & Printing

    • Digital Workflow Software Introduction

    • EasyRx Software Overview

    • EasyRx Aligner Tracking System

    • EasyRx In-House Workflow

    • EasyRx 3D To View, Base, & Remove Brackets

    • Infinity Digital Workflow


    Week 3 – Aligner Biomechanics 

    • Introduction to Aligner Biomechanics

    • Clear Aligner Biomechanics by Dr. Maz Moshiri

    • Basic Biomechanics With Aligners by Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis


    Week 4 – Tooth Movement Software 

    • Software Introduction

    • uLab uDesign Software Overview

    • uLab uDesign Software In-Depth

    • uTips – Aligner Attachments

    • uTips – Aligner Staging & Sequencing

    • uTips – Aligner Pontics

    • uLab uDesign Integration With EasyRx

    • uTips – uDesign & EasyRx

    • uLab uDesign Integration With EvisionTec One

    • uLab uDesign Integration With SprintRay

    • uLab uDesign Exporting Models From iTero


    Week 5 – Clinical Case Setup 

    • Clinical Cases Introduction

    • Clinical Case 1

    • Clinical Case 2

  • Week 6 – Clinical Case Setup 

    • Clinical Case 3

    • Clinical Case 4

  • Week 7 – 3D Printing 


    • SprintRay Pro Unboxing

    • RayWare v2.0 Overview

    • SprintRay Pro Speed Comparison

    • Understanding Printer Calibration

    • Removing Model Supports

    • Resin Welding For Broken Models

    • Gloss Coat For Presentation Models

    • SprintRay ProCure Unboxing

    • Introduction To Rayware Software

    • 3D Printing On The SprintRay Pro

    • Model Wash System

    • Model Curing

    • Isopropyl Alcohol Distillation

    • 3D RPE CAD-CAM Design

    • 3D Metal Cementation Protocol

    • 3D Printed RPE TAD Case

  • Week 8 – Aligner Fabrication & Processing

    • Aligner Fabrication

    • Aligner Trimming & Polishing

    • Aligner Attachment Templates

    • Aligner Sterilization

    • Aligner Packaging

    • Aligner Storage


    Week 9 – Aligner Delivery & Conclusion 

    • Final Week Introduction

    • Aligner Clinical Delivery & Instructions

    • Digital Workflow and Aligner Cost Analysis

    • Course Conclusion



    • CE Verification Quiz




CopestheticCE is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADA CERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. ADA CERP does not approve or endorse individual courses or instructors, nor does it imply acceptance of credit hours by boards of dentistry.






The Most Comprehensive and complete course on 3D protocols with specific focus on In-House Aligners


Jason’s course delivers what it promises – excellent in-depth presentation of materials, techniques, and application. In addition, he teaches you to do your own cost-benefit analysis to evaluate aspects of the work-flow you wish to manage in-house versus outsource. I’m looking forward to other courses he puts together with Laura – They make a great team!


New to digital workflow? This is the course you need.


This course lays out exactly what you need in order to get setup. Jason has impeccable attention to detail and provides a list that nails down every single thing you would need. I feel comfortable setting up a digital lab after being in an office with absolutely no digital technology.

Dr. CD Marti

Superb Course!


It is analytically planned and presented. Jason is a visionary and he went beyond current techniques and I was richly rewarded with the valuable information presented. Treatment time and quality of care can be tremendously improved under our control of technique, shortening treatment time, and achieving great outcomes.


A must to avoid clinical frustrations!


There are lots of wisdom and experiences Jason shared in this course. I have definitely become more conformable with IHA after taking this course. I believe it is a must for everyone decide to do IHA.. I especially like the FB forum that we get questions shared and answered. It is much better than just an online course.

Dr. Jing zhou



"My goal is to teach orthodontists to produce and deliver highly professional aligners in the shortest time, with the smallest cost and a happy staff."

Jason is a leader in the industry, helping multiple companies to develop digital products and software available in orthodontics today.


Jason has spent the last five years perfecting the digital workflow of of in-house aligners and indirect bonding trays. 


His digital learning curve came with lots of expense as well as trial and error, and he wants to keep you from hitting the wall by attempting to learn the process from scratch and without a systemizes approach.  


He’ll show you how to streamline your workflow in the most seamless manner possible so you can quickly incorporate digital orthodontics in your office without upsetting your staff or making the same mistakes he’s made. 



I don’t have time, how long is the course?

The course is 9 weeks and each week has 1.5-3 hours of content. It can be watched on computers or mobile phones and increased speeds up to 2x.


Will I need to renovate my lab?

Not necessarily. I didn’t renovate my analog lab when I converted to digital 4 years ago. I simply sold my analog equipment and swapped it for digital equipment. And I’ll show you exactly what I did.


Will I need to hire full time staff for this?

In short, no; unless you are short-staffed currently. I recommend starting slow and making retainers first, mastering the workflow, then progressing to light and moderate cases. This is something that most staff can handle without much difficulty. The step-by-step and detailed information in the course will make your staff’s life much easier. 


I’m already making in-house aligners. Will this course be too “beginner for me”?

Are you operating at maximum capacity? Do you know what it costs you to make each aligner? Is your process streamlined to remove all inefficiencies? Everyone who has taken this course who was more advanced in their experience, has reported considerable increases in efficiencies with their processes.


I don’t have any equipment yet, but I want to start, am I too early to take this course?

Everyone has to start somewhere. I have had some orthodontists take the course who had no scanners or printers. When they left the course, they had completely changed their mind on what they thought they should buy and it saved them time and money. I’ve had others who completely changed their lab layout just before starting construction because of what they learned in week one of the course.


I have a small lab, is it possible to do in-house aligners?

I you have enough room for a 3D printer, a thermoforming machine, a curing unit, and a wash station, you should be fine. All of this will fit into about 8 linear feet of counter space. Considering that some analog equipment will need to be retired, most have enough room to make it work.


How much should I expect to save in in-house aligners?

I’ll show you the exact details on expenses in my cost analysis lecture. I’ve been able to decrease my aligner lab expenses by 70%. I am not in a high discount tier, so depending on your tier and discount level, your savings would be a minimum of about 60%.


Do I need to be at a certain place and time to attend the course?

No, the content of the course is unlocked weekly so that we can all follow along together and to enhance our Facebook discussions, but you can watch all the videos on demand at your own pace, anywhere and anytime as long as you have an internet connection.


Can staff take this course?

At this point this course is for doctors only. However, we are putting together a staff training that is more concise and will only be available for alumni staff.



It is expected that participants have a comprehensive understanding of orthodontic treatment biomechanics with at least 2 years of full-time orthodontic practice and advanced training. Participants must have an advanced understanding of aligner attachment design and placement during the treatment of full aligner cases.

You will need a modern Apple or Windows device to access the CopestheticCE website to view the streaming videos or Facebook Group. You will need a modern Windows PC to operate the software (uLab Systems) that Dr. Cope will be demonstrating. Currently, uLab is only commercially available in the US and Canada. Dr. Cope has arranged a trial use of the software for all participants. Importantly, aligner models cannot be printed outside the US or Canada. Due to the restrictions of uLab for everyone outside of the US. Dr. Cope has made arrangements with ArchForm for all new customers to get a similar trial of the software. There are not any export restrictions with ArchForm, which is pretty much available everywhere.

Please contact uLab ( and Archform ( directly to get their current computer spec requirements.

Course Description: This course will be facilitated through our virtual classroom and a private Copesthetic CE Social group led and moderated by Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD, where he will teach and review all of his intellectual property on digital workflow and in-house aligner fabrication and delivery. Think of it as a live and dynamic textbook at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device without having to travel. You do not have to be present and in front of a computer at a certain time to participate. Rather, you can view the videos at your leisure throughout the week. You can review previous weeks’ content and discussion at any time. And you can watch the videos as many times as you want in the 6-month viewing period. All content will be delivered as outlined below with at least 2 submissions per week so that you can review concepts, supplemented by examples, with the opportunity for discussion and dialogue of each topic along the way during the week. After the 9-week course, the participants will remain in the Facebook study group to continue to learn and participate with their peers to further collaboration within their respective closed forum for a period of a year. New content will be delivered as it becomes relevant in the post-course Copesthetic CE Social group (i.e., new developments with digital workflow, aligner therapy, etc.) by Dr. Cope and others, but not on a formal basis as with the initial course.

Product #: OSL23003

Title: The Digital Orthodontic Course: An Online In-House Aligner & Digital Workflow Bootcamp

When: 10/09/2023

Where: Online

Video Duration: 18 hours

Reading Materials: 5 hours

Course Duration: 9 weeks of instructional material with an additional 6 months of access to the exclusive online Copesthethic CE Social Course group.

Viewing time: 180 days (6 months unlimited access)

Course Director(s): Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD

Instructor(s): Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD; Maz Moshiri, DMD, MS; Jonathan Nicozisis, DMD, MS.

Dr. Cope received his dental training at Baylor College of Dentistry – DDS (‘95), orthodontic certificate (‘97), and PhD (’99) in bone biology. He is currently on faculty in the Orthodontic Departments at St. Louis University and Kyung Hee University School of Dentistry. He has published 36 journal articles, 37 book chapters, co-edited a textbook on distraction osteogenesis, and self-published a 500-page textbook OrthoTADs: The Clinical Guide and Atlas. He is an ad hoc reviewer for every major American peer-reviewed orthodontic journal. He has given over 340 lectures internationally and nationally. He is Board Certified, a full member of the SW component of the Angle Society, and a fellow in the American College of Dentists.

Dr. Moshiri is in private practice in St. Louis, MO alongside his father and sister. He is an Align Tech Faculty and member of Align Clinical Research Network, a consultant for He was the lead educator for the launch of both the Class II protocols of Invisalign G4 and Deep Bite Solutions of Invisalign G5. He is an assistant Clinical Professor at the Saint Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education, where he developed a clinical focus on the use of Invisalign. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and a Fellow, American College of Dentists.

Dr. Nicozisis is in private Practice Princeton and West Windsor, NJ. He is an Align Tech Faculty and member of Align Clinical Research Network. He Co-authored the text book chapter with the Invisalign Director of R+D and Dr. Orhan Tuncay, 2014. He was one of four doctors to first pilot test and treat teenagers in 2008. He is a consultant for, has given over 400 Lectures nationally and internationally on aligner therapy, and is a member of the Angle Society.

CE Credits: CopestheticCE designates this activity for 32 hours of Self-Instructional, Electronically-Mediated Learning CE credits.

Teaching methods: Online Streaming Video Lectures, Facebook Group Discussions, Additional Digital Resources, Journal Articles.

CE notes: The videos were released June 2020. They will expire May 2023. At that time, they will be re-released after review to ensure the content remains current and valid.

Educational objectives: Upon course completion, the participants should appreciate the components necessary to setup a digital orthodontic lab; understand how to integrate the various aspects of digital orthodontics into a systematic workflow; realize the value of intraoral scanning and the various ways that digital patient data can be used; appreciate the basic fundamentals of aligner biomechanics; realize the intricacies of setting up a case in orthodontic tooth movement software; appreciate how to utilize software to setup orthodontic aligner cases; understand the basics of 3D printing and post-print processing; understand the process of aligner fabrication, sterilization, and packaging.

Course materials: Online streaming lectures, individual Facebook posts from pertinent digital groups, articles to read from product manufacturers and peer reviewed journals that are topic specific, CE verification after passing quiz.

Course Location: Registrants will be emailed specific details to join a private Facebook group where an interactive group discussion based on the written and video course materials will ensue for the duration of the course. Additional content will be distributed through the Copesthetic CE Social group. All videos will be streamed directly from the CopestheticCE course page (video downloads are not possible). A high-speed internet connection is required to watch the streamed video.

Instructor financial disclosure: Dr. Cope reports a financial interest in uLab Systems (paid consultant, stock options) and Voxel Dental (paid consultant) discussed in the course. He has no other financial interests in any product discussion in the course as of the date of publication

Dr. Moshiri reports a financial interest in Align Tech (paid consultant).

Dr. Nicozisis reports a financial interest in Align Tech (paid consultant).

Contact person: Laura Cope

Commercial Support: Copesthetic CE reports that no commercial support has been provided for this course.

Course Feedback Policy: During the viewing period, participants will have access to the Private Course Copesthetic CE Social Group for interaction, discussion, and ongoing feedback for an additional 12 months.

CE Provider: CopestheticCE is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. This continuing education activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP).

Keywords: streaming lecture, digital, workflow, 3D, printing, aligners, retainers

Refund Policy: Once purchased, this course cannot be canceled or refunded.

Jason’s hard work and attention to detail is amazing!


The whole course walked you through the printing of aligners in a way that felt comprehensive without dumbing the whole process down. I looked forward to watching the lectures and would thoroughly recommend this to doctors wanting to get started in the world of 3D printed aligners. Why reinvent the wheel when Dr. Cope has already got the alloy rims waiting for you!


Comprehensive, excellent content!


This is a must do for launching into in-house aligners. We have been building this part of our practice up over the last year and this allowed us to really go to the next level. Thank you Jason for providing so much excellent and useful information.

Dr. Charles MUNK




  • 9-week course of streaming lectures via virtual classroom (65+ video Lessons)
  • Access to private Social group for personal interaction with Dr. Cope and other colleagues. 
  • Unlimited access to course content for 6 months, including bonuses, and updates.
  • 32 ADA-CERP CE Credits ($2,697 Value)


  • The KIT: A complete resource list of all the materials & equipment you will need. This alone will save you countless hours in research ($1,850 Value)
  • 2 months FREE trial of uLab software for new users; export up to 100 STL files for new US & Canada users ($400  Value)
  • 2 months FREE trial of ArchForm Software for new users ($2,400 Value)
  • 1 month FREE trial of EasyRX Premium with EasyRX 3D AI Software for new users. Training and support included during the trial. ($268 Value)
  • Bonus Lessons ($300 Value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $7,915

TODAY ONLY: $2,197


Only ONE IN-HOUSE ALIGNER CASE easily pays for the tuition of this course and more!




Break free from aligner companies and become your own! 


Thank you Jason, this course is worth so much more than what we paid for it. The material you have put together is absolutely phenomenal. I’m completely rearranging the way we do aligners in our office, and the plan is to go full in-house by the end of the year. I highly recommend this course. I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied!


A must if you want to succeed at in-house aligners!


Dr. Cope breaks it all down, presents his processes in a clear, easy to follow manner. His thoroughness is quite amazing – a peek behind the scenes of a practice successfully providing high-level clear aligner care at a fraction of the price of the big players in the marketplace. There are hundreds of tips from what to purchase, comparisons of software systems, and printers. Fantastic information!


Excellent Online Course!


I have been interested in Dr Cope’s In-House Aligner course for a long time. I am so glad that I can attend the course online and it is above my expectation. Thank you!



Dr. Larry Li

Well done: Highly recommend!


Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this course online. It is a great resource and helped tremendously. Well organized and full of resources. The time and effort Dr. Cope spent making this course is very much appreciated.